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Senior Caty Arnold Recovers from ACL Injury

March 27, 2018

The Lady Knights varsity soccer team was having a regular practice last April when a sudden incident left the entire team in shock. Caty Arnold, a junior on the varsity team at the time, went to make a turn during a drill when she felt a bolt of pain in her leg and fell to the ground. Arnold later found out that she had suffered a torn ACL, an injury that caught everyone from the coaches to the players off guard.

“[The injury] was bizarre because we didn’t quite know what happened,” head coach Mark Olwig said. “We were just doing a drill, and it’s the way she turned to go to the next spot. She kind of just fell over, and we weren’t sure what happened. We were all in shock with the severity of it because it was a non-contact injury.”

Prior to this, the worst injuries that Arnold had to deal with were minor ankle sprains and tweaks, neither of which held her out of a game or for an extended period of time. When she found out from then FHN trainer Joe Bommarito that she had torn her ACL, however, Arnold knew that this was going to be a much different experience.

“When Joe told me that I had torn my ACL, I knew that it was going to be bad and require surgery and that it was going to be a pretty long recovery, but I still don’t think I was quite as prepared for just how long it was,” Arnold said.

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