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Date Published: March 10, 2022

Details: Ahead of the NCAA Division II Championships, I shot and edited together a preview video for the Lindenwood wrestling team. 

The footage is from one of the team's practices that I went to. I also shot five interviews after their practice had concluded.

Interviews were with the head coach, Dallas Smith, and four of the wrestlers going to compete. 

Date Published: Nov. 19, 2021

Details: A preview of Lindenwood football's postseason matchup with Grand Valley State.

Shots were taken at a mid-week practice with the team as they continued preparation for their playoff contest.

Interviews were with head coach Jed Stugart and starting quarterback Alex Faddoul.

Date Published: Nov. 17, 2021

Details: Highlights from Lindenwood women's basketball game against Emporia State in mid-November. 

The final score of the game was 103-102 in favor of Emporia State, as the Lions fell to 0-3 on the season.

Graduate student Julia Ruzevich led the way with 29 points for Lindenwood in the loss. 

Date Published: Oct. 21, 2021

Details: Senior Marnie Reidell of Lindenwood's field hockey team was mic'd up during her team's practice in mid-October. 

The video contains a mix of humor and also what goes on in a field hockey practice behind-the-scenes.

Shots include her talking with teammates, going through drills, and more.

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